Contact for collaborations can be directed to the project coordinator.

Two postdoc positions are announced at Linköping University.

The extension of the research program for the next three years leads to several new positions at RICS. Here is a call for two positions with deadline 31 January 2021. The position can be started during 2021 upon agreement.

A postdoc position to begin in 2019 is announced at Linköping University.

RICS is selecting a talented postdoctoral researcher to work on the attack generation and analysis tools for the national testbed RICS-el. Applications are made through the LiU web link which will be open until early January, or contacting the project leader until the position is filled.

3-4 PhD student positions to join RICS: Resilient Information and Control Systems research centre

RICS is now selecting three to four PhD students, at least one at each partner University based on applications with deadline 31 October 2015. Even though located at different universities, the PhD students are expected to cooperate and participate in the development of the centre.